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The West Kentucky Megasite is served by some of the most reliable, cost effective utilities providers in the nation.

Electric Power

West Kentucky Megasite is served by two electric power companies, West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative (a distributor of Tennessee Valley Authority power) and Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation. These companies provide some of the lowest industrial power rates in the nation while maintaining a strong focus on the quality and reliability of their service.

Natural Gas

Site will be served by Atmos Energy with an 8" with an operation pressure of 400 psi and capacity of 800 MCF.

Water & Sewer

Water provided by Hickory Water District via on-site wells. The site is currently served with potable water by an 8" main at 800 GPM capacity. Sewer provided by Mayfield Electric & Water Systems via 6" force main. Additionally, the site is served by an existing well providing up to 900 GPM with additional wells planned to supply an on-site water treatment plant facility.


State-of-the-art telecommunications services provided by West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecommunications Cooperative (WK&T).