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WKCTC home to the Emerging Technology Center which features 18,000 sq. ft. high bay area built to allow customizable training for a variety of companies. Within 30 days WKCTC has the ability to plug in equipment specific to a company's needs and build a customized training program.



  • WKCTC will train your employees whenever you want, even evenings or weekends


  • WKCTC develops curriculum based on your timeframe. Whether your schedule allows for in-depth task analysis and comprehensive training solutions or just-in-time development and delivery, we provide the training solution that is right for you.
  • Our relationship can be multiyear, lasting until the final employee is hired and trained


  • WKCTC can train your employees at your facility OR
  • We can train your employees in our 18,000 sq. ft. of high bay area (22 foot ceilings) where we can customize training on machinery you choose



Training is conducted by the WKCTC staff, all of whom have extensive industry experience Certifications held by WKCTC trainers
  • Master Black Belt
  • ASQ Certified Quality Engineer
  • LEAN Champion
  • OSHA Outreach Trainer for both general industry and construction, with the ability to issue 10-hour or 3- hour cards
  • Welding certifications in SMAW (stick), GMAW (mig), GTAW (tig), in both plate and pipe
  • D1.1 certification through the American Welding Society
  • United States Coast Guard Second Mate unlimited tonnage license with a tankerman PIC endorsement
  • Commercial Driver's License Class A
WKCTC's training staff has experience with the following Industrial/Business Leaders:
  • Ford Motor Company (Occupational Safety, Industrial Maintenance, and Manufacturing Applications)
  • TRW Automotive (HR and Quality Control.  One of six people on the team which helped launch Six Sigma internationally)
  • Georgia Pacific (Quality Manager)
  • USEC (Class B Operator)
  • Hartmann Luggage (Cost Accountant, Purchasing Agent, Materials Manager, VP of Operations)
  • Quaker Oats Company (Customer Service and Support, Human Resources)
  • Pepsi (Human Resources, Safety, and Sales)
  • Rockwell Automation (Automation Controls and Automotive Manufacturing as a Site Project Manager at two Toyota Motor Manufacturing facilities)
  • Briggs & Stratton (Occupational Safety, Industrial Maintenance, and Manufacturing Applications)
Should we not have the staff expertise to train your workforce, we will hire a contracted instructor to meet your needs at no cost to you.


  • In addition to training your employees, we will recruit and screen them for you as well, so you get to select the best of a pool of applicants
  • Prospective employees attend training at their own expense and on their own time, making a personal investment that ensures those completing training are highly motivated and performance focused.


  • All hiring decisions are made by the company at the completion of training

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Emerging Technology Center In addition to training programs, we offer services including safety assistance, industrial maintenance assessments and continuous improvement/process improvement assessments.

Workforce Assessments and Testing

In addition to training, we offer the following workforce assessments and testing: The Workforce Solutions division at WKCTC works with more than 400 different companies a year. Services range from one time simple training programs to extensive, years long development projects.  The department is staffed by professional personnel who had extensive experience working in business and industry prior to coming to WKCTC.   Services include training and development, consulting, pre-employment screening and training, Certification and Licensure Assessments, executive coaching, OSHA Safety training, consulting on operational issues, and much more.   Workforce Solutions prides itself on creating customized services designed specifically to meet each company's special needs.

Companies Who Have Used Our Services

Companies served by Workforce Solutions include:
  • USEC
  • Swift and Staley
  • LATA
  • Harper Industries
  • Wacker Chemical
  • ISP
  • New Page
  • Petter Supply
  • C.A. Jones
  • Corp. of Engineers
  • Marquette Transportation
  • Briggs and Stratton
  • Ingram Barge
  • Crounse Corp.
  • AEP River Ops


Alternative Energy Technology Program West Kentucky Community and Technical College is one of the few in the nation to feature an Alternative Energy Technology program offered as an Associate of Applied Science degree.  The Alternative Energy option consists of the study of wind power, solar power (both thermal and photovoltaic) as well the hardware necessary to implement the technology. Industrial Chemical Technology Program Beginning in the fall of 2011, WKCTC is adding an Industrial Chemical Technology program.  It will provide technical instruction that is specific to systems and processes present within the nuclear, chemical, and power industries.  The program will utilize curriculum developed by the Gulf Coast Process Technology Alliance used extensively in similar technical and community college programs throughout Texas and Louisiana. Logistics and Operations Management Program Beginning in the fall of 2011, WKCTC is adding Logistics and Operations Management degree and certificate programs.  The degree program will be an Associate in Applied Science degree.  The program will teach students about the sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics concepts associated with the production and delivery of goods and services. Marine Technology Program West Kentucky Community and Technical College recently began a Marine Technology program.  The curriculum for the program primarily online with flexible components to accommodate the changing schedules of inland mariners. Participants may receive a degree in:
  • Marine Technology
  • Marine Engineering
  • Marine Logistics Operations
  • Wheelhouse Management
Participants may receive Certificates in:
  • Marine Industry
  • Marine Technology Business.