Ky Cabinet Rolls Out New Select Kentucky GIS Site


The Cabinet is pleased to roll out a soft launch of its new Select Kentucky GIS site, which can be found at or Select Kentucky is a state-of-the-art mapping tool that allows users to search for available buildings and sites as well as existing industries and community demographics from one user-friendly portal.  Below is an outline of some of the new benefits and features.

Brings together multiple search components into one system, providing centralized access to a broad range of detailed information and reports, including:

  • Site and building inventory
  • Existing Kentucky industries
  • Community profiles
  • Drastically shortens the time it takes to evaluate complex site selection criteria
  • Ability to utilize a broad range of specific criteria
  • Features an interactive map that depict search results, specific points of interest and demographic information
  • Features drive time and measurement tools
  • Ability to search and explore existing industry/businesses in Kentucky by geographic location and general and specific classifications
  • Access to demographic, labor force, educational, and geographic data for all KY communities
  • Ability to save search criteria and export results
  • Ability to share results via social media


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Paducah, KY

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