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Highest Level 2011
No High School Diploma 17.8%
High School Diploma Only 37.1%
1 to 3 Years College 21.4%
Associate Degree 6.4%
Bachelors Degree 10.3%
Graduate Degree 6.9%
12 to 15 years of education 65.0%
16 or more years of education 17.2%
SOURCE: Nielsen-Claritas, Inc.  


  Information on this page was provided in part from TIP STRATEGIES, INC. (TIP) and Wadley Donovan GrowthTech, LLC. TIP is a privately held Austin-based economic development consulting firm which assisted West Kentucky Megasite with analysis of the regional workforce and identification of potential target industry opportunities. For their complete report, click on the TIP Workforce Analysis Link in the right sidebar. A complete current demographic profile complied by Wadley Donovan GrowthTech, LLC is also available in the right sidebar.